Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Make a Fitness Plan

The reason most people gain weight is that they eat more calories than they burn. So to lose weight, you need to reduce the number of calories you eat and increase the number you burn. By doing this, you will use up energy stored in your fatty tissue to make up the difference. If you have a  realistic goal in mind, you can lose two pounds every week until you reach your total weight loss

First figure out how much you are eating by keeping a daily food diary for three random days. Write down everything you eat and drink for breakfast, lunch, dinner and between meal snacks. There are many calorie counters online that are available and you don't have to join a program to use. The one I like is caloriecount.com. It will grade the food value and also give the nutritional facts. Add up all the calories you consumed in a day; it is probably a lot more that you think. Now, start by reducing your food intake by 500 calories the first two days. Reduce it again by another 200 calories the following days and continue until your total calorie intake is down to approximately 1200-1300 calories a day.

You will need to burn off 7000 calories a week to lose the two pounds. Choose an aerobic exercise you enjoy and find out how many calories you would burn in one session or one hour. Maintain a fitness journal to help keep track of your workout sessions. Write down how you were feeling, what motivated you, and what made you smile. Keep track of your successes and the amount of weight loss. Your journal can be a highly useful tool that will help you reach your desired goal. The important thing is to get into the habit of exercising regularly.

Make a plan to be fit and healthy. Listed below are things to do to prepare your fitness plan:

  - Decide on your goal weight
  - Prepare yourself mentally. Visualize the fit and healthy body you will have when    you reach your goal.
  - Enlist the support of family and friends.
  - Get rid of unhealthy foods in the refrigerator and pantry. Replace them with healthy choices.
  - Determine how many daily calories you are currently consuming and how many you need to reduce.
  - Make a 7-day meal plan that includes eating 5-6 times daily at 2 1/2-3 hour increments.
  - Find the exercises and physical activities that you enjoy.
  - Write out your weight-loss plan. Writing it down will help keep you committed to your goal.

Once you have your plan, get moving. Start visualizing yourself daily. Take photos of your weight before, during and after you triumph. Stay committed and you will be on your way to a slimmer, healthy lifestyle.