Monday, June 6, 2016

Tone Up Before Tanning

Summer is near and it is time to put away the long sleeves and expose our arms. Since we are going to be showing them, why not look our best. We can tone and define our arms with tricep extensions. Therefore, I want to share the proper way to execute a dumbbell triceps extension. You can do this exercise at home for at least three days a week to see results. This is my second favorite home exercise, next to chair dips. 

Prepare by positioning one dumbbell overhead with both hands. With elbows overhead, lower forearm behind upper arm by flexing elbows. Flex wrists at bottom to avoid hitting dumbbell on back of neck. Raise dumbbell overhead by extending elbows while hyper extending wrists. Return and repeat.
Position wrists closer together to keep elbows from pointing out too much. Let dumbbell pull arm back to maintain full shoulder flexion. Consider using a seat with back support. The back support, however, should not be so high that it interferes with dumbbell being completely lowered. If shoulder flexion flexibility is not adequate, position hips slightly forward so elbows are positioned upward. Position body upright if shoulder flexion flexibility is adequate.
This exercise targets the triceps brachial while using anterior deltoids, major pectorals, clavicle, pectorals and wrist flexors as stabilizers. To get tips from Raymond Day Masters Champion Bodybuilder on proper bicep exercises see my Fitness Coach page at