Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Graceful Aging and Staying Beautiful

Exercise makes you beautiful inside and out. It improves your mood, protects your bones, makes your skin glow and helps to fight gravity. Make exercise the highlight of your day. Look forward to it and have fun doing it. Find an activity that you love to do. Invite a friend along and stick with it. Try something new like, running, jogging, kickboxing, yoga, belly dancing or join a Pilates class.

Every woman wants to feel beautiful. It is a mind-set. If you think you are beautiful and you act accordingly, others will believe it too. In other words, emotions are contagious. Of course, as we get older, our beauty regimen may require more time. Aging beautifully is more than that. We just need to get back to the basics. Get enough sleep. Many women sacrifice rest to get everything done in a day. However, no one looks or feels her best when she is tired. So, let it go. tomorrow is another day. Get some sleep and do not apologize. Savor your sleep time and wake up refreshed.

Remember this, you are what you eat. When you pass fifty, your metabolism slows down and continues to as you age. Controlling your calories becomes more important now. Eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids from foods like salmon, flaxseed or fish oil supplements. Omega-3 helps to keep your skin supple, your mind alert and your cardiovascular system healthy.

Growing older gracefully and beautifully means investing in the healthiest lifestyle possible in body, mind and spirit.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Proper fitting shoes can enhance exercise performance and prevent injuries. However, wearing the right shoe for your activity is more important. Sport-specific shoes provide appropriate support to help protect against injury. Basketball shoes, for instance, provide extra ankle support because the player’s movements from side to side put strain on the ankles.
Check Support

Shoe sizes, like clothes sizes, can vary from brand to brand. You want to buy a pair of shoes that fits comfortable on the first try. Find a store that carries the best brands in comfortable shoes for athletics and exercising. The best shoes support your foot, front and back. Also, look for shoes that give support in the middle but bend at the ball of the foot.

Check for Signs of Wear

When your shoes start to wear out, it is time to buy new shoes. Check the tread and the cushion on the sole. If there are signs of uneven wear then it is time to replace them. Athletic shoes need to be replaced more often, depending on use. It can be hard to choose from the many different athletic shoes available. There are differences in design and variations in material and weight. When you buy athletic shoes make sure you are getting good quality and value for your money.     
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fitness is Achievable if You Want It

If you are ready to start an exercise and weight loss plan, you must start eating healthy meals and exercising regularly. Many have wanted to start getting in shape, but just lacked motivation. Losing weight and exercising can be a challenge for anyone who is normally sedentary. So, try a different approach. Instead of making excuses why you didn't exercise today, start with the right motivation. One of the best places to begin is by setting personal goals. A well thought-out goal can help you achieve what you really want in life, that is, to be healthy and to feel good about yourself.

Set Specific Goals

Be specific by setting a measurable goal. If you want to define your abdominal, then make a goal to perform a certain number during your workout. You can then count out every repetition. Your goal could be "I will work on my abs three days per week and perform two sets of thirty each workout. " This goal is measurable. Write it out in a place where you are sure to see it everyday. This works and it has a way of holding us accountable. 

Make it Realistic

Start out with a short term attainable goal. Instead of saying "I want to lose 30 pounds by the summer," simplify it to two pounds a week. Be realistic when you set goals. If you have been a coach potato for the last three years, just getting off the coach is a challenge. My advice is to get up and start walking. Walking is the easiest way to get started. Get a pedometer and set a goal for the amount of steps per day you will accomplish.

Just Do It!   

If you truly want to achieve your fitness goals this year, believe in yourself. You have to want it! Don't give up when the scale doesn't show any weight loss. It happens. Don't be tempted when people offer you food and drinks that will add excess calories. This will happen. Don't say "I exercised last night for an hour so I deserve a treat." No you don't! Once you get into a pattern of eating healthy and exercising on a daily basis, then one cheat day should not sabotage your progress. Get back on track and do it right the rest of the week. Just do it.

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