Thursday, March 28, 2013

Make the Right Choices

Everyone can benefit from having someone coach you, no matter what your goal may be. When you choose a coach, a specialist or a personal trainer, they will stay with you every step of the way. You will be sure to get the most out of your workouts. Face it, we should all be held accountable for making the right choices and committing to our goals. You must choose to live fit and healthy.

Even if you already participate in some type of fitness program or you exercise occasionally, you can still benefit from having your own fitness coach. They will start by assessing your current fitness level and your goals. Next step will be to make necessary changes that will jump-start you to the next level. Your diet and fitness program will consist of a weekly personalized meal plan and effective exercises to maximize your workouts. Your program will continue to change in order for you to achieve the best possible results.

Working with your coach will keep you excited and motivated to continue your workouts. He or she will be right beside you pushing you along and showing you how to get it done. You will feel energized to get up and get going. If you need a wakeup call or someone to assist you when shopping for healthy meal items, talk to a fitness nutrition specialist. They can help you stay on track.  

As a certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition my coaching program includes utilizing many motivational strategies, such as, nutritional guidance, fitness assessments, instruction on proper exercise technique, correct breathing technique, flexibility and the necessary stretching exercises. So stop talking and start doing. Today is the time to make a change.
Healthy fitness starts on the inside. Get fit and look fabulous!   

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rev Up Your Metabolism

Food can directly affect metabolism by altering the way the body functions. It can change the amount of energy it needs for bodily processes, such as digesting food. When we eat, we burn calories and our body generates heat. This is known as the thermos effect of food, which is influenced by how much and how often we eat.

To rev up your metabolism, eat 1200 or 1500 calories per day. On the days you workout, your total daily will equal approximately 1500 calories. On your off days, you will reduce caloric intake by 300 calories. To help you get started, try African mango. It not only increases metabolism but it also removes cholesterol. You will truly notice an enhanced alertness and revved up energy level. More energy means more activity and more calories burned.

Raymond Day Master Champion bodybuilder shares his story of how to keep metabolism up at any age.