Thursday, July 16, 2015


Everyone should think about including core training in his or her life. A strong core is essential to maintaining a good level of flexibility and preventing injury. This article looks at what is meant by core training and how it can be of benefit to you.
What Is Core Training?
Core training refers to exercises specifically designed to work and improve the condition of the muscles in the midsection of the body. This includes the abdominal muscles, the lower back and the muscles at the side of your body.

Why Is Core Training Important?
Unfortunately, in modern society, too many people are taking too little physical activity. Many jobs now involve remaining in a sitting position for a lot of the day, and in the evenings, we often spend time sitting in front of the TV and computer screens instead of participating in physical exercise. To retain good mobility, as we get older, it is important to exercise and train the core muscles, as they are vital to the stability of your whole body. When the core muscles become weak, it can negatively affect your posture. This could lead to back pain and restricted movement.
How Can Core Training Benefit Me?
When you practice core training, the torso becomes much stronger, making the whole body more powerful and more able to resist injury. Those who exercise their core muscles will have improved posture and balance, better mobility levels, as they get older, and much more flexibility of movement. Everyday tasks will become much easier, and simple activities, such as lifting, bending and stretching are less likely to result in accidental injury, back problems and pulled muscles.
How Do You Train The Core Muscles?
Many exercises help you train the core muscles. Practicing them regularly will really help to improve the quality of your day-to-day life. Examples of useful training exercises include:
Abdominal crunches
Modified Plank
Side Plank
Single and double leg abdominal presses
At first, you should start by carrying out just five repetitions of each exercise but eventually, once you have gained enough strength, you could increase this to 10 or 15 repetitions. In the beginning, you should only aim for two or three days of exercise a week, but you could increase this once you feel comfortable. As you progress with your core training, you may want to enroll in a core training class at a gym where you will learn a greater variety of exercises and be able to take part in a longer and more intensive training session. Remember the importance of doing a warm-up before you begin exercising, otherwise you could strain your muscles and cause an injury.
As you can see, strengthening your core muscles is a great idea for every one of all ages, so begin working on core training today. You will soon see and feel the benefits!