Saturday, March 28, 2015

Trampoline Exercises

Trampoline exercise has proven to increase your metabolic rate, helping your body to process nutrients more efficiently; which can keep your weight down.  When you exercise on a trampoline, you are using a variety of muscles including stomach and legs. You will be able to trim your waist and tone hips and thighs. It gives you the right exercise and muscle control to burn fat and keeps the weight off. 
Develop Stronger Bones

Trampoline exercise is strenuous and the repetition of the jumping action puts the bones under repeated stress. This helps your musculoskeletal system improve bone mineral content. Each landing is equal to twice the force of gravity. Over time, you will develop strength to help prevent brittle bone disease or osteoporosis. Unlike jogging on a hard surface, the trampoline pad is bouncy and soaks up a large proportion of the impact of your landing. Above all your joints are protected while being strengthened.  

Burns More Calories

Exercising on a trampoline gives greater physical and mental benefits than jogging. You will burn more calories in a ten-minute session on a trampoline than you would jog for a half hour. Unlike jogging, it produces low joint impact when performing high intensity exercises. This is because the trampoline pad, which takes up over 80% of the shock, absorbs vertical acceleration and deceleration. Jumping on a trampoline strengthens your muscles and bones while protecting your joints. Above all, it is great for the cardiovascular system and circulation.

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