Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Summer Arms to Dip For

Summer is the best time to show off those arms. A great way to achieve well-defined arms is by performing dips. Dips refer to upper-body training where you are required to lift loads equivalent to your body weight. So, the heavier you are, the more challenging they become. The best thing is that you can modify them as you progress. The benefits of performing dips are worth the challenge.

First, you can build your strength in several layers of upper body muscles at the same time. Dips mostly focus on the triceps, which is the major muscle located at the back of your arm. Your triceps muscle's role is extending the elbow joint. Additionally, when you are pushing up out of the dips, your upper chest and anterior delts support by flexing the shoulders. Other muscles including the levator scapula, rhomboids and latissimus dorsa are also strengthened.
                                                               Compound Exercises

Dips are a compound exercise, in that it requires movements in a number of joints. A compound exercise promotes the development of multiple muscle groups at the same time. Additionally, compound exercises mimic the regular tasks we carry out each day. This means that strength and coordination improve each time you exercise, which makes everyday tasks easier to perform. If conducted the right way, dips reduces the risk of injury to joints while ensuring your triceps, shoulder, and scapular muscles are effectively developed.

For you to practice dips correctly, start by standing between two dip bars. Take hold of each bar with your hands and push your body up such that your elbows lock while your feet hang in the air. Lower your body towards the floor by bending your elbows avoiding letting your feet touch the floor. Continue moving until elbows attain 90-degree angle. Next, extend your elbows and push your body up again. You can repeat the process a couple times a week and gradually increase the number of reps.

As always, consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. If no dip bar is available or you work out a home, try doing my number one favorite exercise, chair dips. No need for fancy equipment, just a wall and a sturdy chair. My arms feel amazing after this workout. Give dips a try and start showing off your summer arms. Leave a comment and let me know your result.

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